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Why do I like Courtney?
So, today I was in the living room when in tv it started the first episode of Total Drama Island.
The stream of memories!
Then my brother asked me:
"Ma come fa a garbarti Courtney? Ma è antipatica!" ("How can you like Courntey? She's so annoying!")
How can I explain?
Courtney is the character that made me know Total Drama. 
It was some years ago. In my family, only my (other) brother used to watch Total Drama. One day I walked in the kitchen, and he was watching Total Drama Action. It was the episode about the rock stars. The very moment I walked in it was the moment Courtney went berserker and destroied the set. We can say it was love at first sight!
I really liked her character design in first place. I asked my brother about her, and he told me "Lei sarebbe la Miss perfettina...però qui si arrabbia e distrugge cose" ("She should be little Miss perfection... but here she gets mad and destroys things")
I started watching TDA with my brother. I didn't understand ver
:iconkikaigaku:Kikaigaku 47 39
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Additional name and cutie mark cost 250 points/2$ each.
Commissions for BlackNightStallion by Dawn22Eagle
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm Dawn22Eagle ^^

I'm an Italian girl who loves books and enjoys spending time drawing :3 I love foreign languages (I'm studying English, German and French), too, and would like to travel to Germany and France. I've been horse riding since I was very young, but only recently did I start taking lessons. I love horses!

As you can see, I have a few passions: Sonic World, Adventure Time, Pokémon and, above all, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm a psycho AppleDash shipper, but I actually enjoy exchanging opinions with other people, so if you want to talk about something canon-related or ask questions about my own Alternate Universe (headcanons are spread here and there in more or less any of my drawings) then don't be afraid and send me a note or write a comment :3

Thank you for stopping by and, if you did, looking through my gallery. Any comment is very much appreciated, even more if it's a sort of critique or review.

Have a nice day!



will be adding dialogue later!

Another chapter for the first story arch I started, this time featuring only Topacio and... some mysterious pony (or whatever creature you think that is) hiding under his bed. I tried giving off a night effect, darkening the colors and stuff, and even though I can't say I hate how it came out, I know it's still kinda poor (my scanner messing things up also did not help)... Anyway, I'll write the small story part for this as soon as I can, for now I hope you enjoy the drawing itself ^^
"What's wrong, queerie? Aren't you stallion enough to stand up?"

Topacio coughed hard and tried to sit up on his trembling legs, but only managed to fall like a dead weight. The young deer towering over him laughed and spat, visibly amused at the sight of the yielded blue colt. The Unicorn barely acknowledged the sharp pain in his right cheek and the warm sensation of blood escaping the wound. Glancing up at his oppressor, he noticed the dripping red liquid on his antler, probably coming from when he'd charged the helpless Prince, head low and with hatred in his golden eyes.

"It was about time someone taught you the lesson you needed to learn, you freak." His voice had suddenly become much darker and close to a whisper as the deer lowered his head and reached Topacio's eye level. The Unicorn had never paid much attention to his looks, but now even the bristly dotted fur on the bully's chest was reason for fear. 

Though the Unicorn had given up days earlier, the group of bullies harassing him seemed to have only started. Their self-declared leader, the dark bay deer who's just become part of the class, was the most motivated and, unfortunately, the strongest among them. 

With dizziness clouding his terrified mind, Topacio only whimpered and closed his eyes tight, imagining not for the first time what it would feel like to be accepted by all of his classmates, or what it would've been like if nopony had noticed him holding hooves with another colt.

It was the only way he could temporarily reassure himself. It was a world where nothing mattered except care and respect, not money, titles nor genders. His mother was sometimes able to let him live in a similar utopia, holding him under her wing in that relaxed silence only she could create. 

For now, though, the only thing Topacio was allowed to think and worry about was the cocky deer looming before him - his feral amber eyes sparkled for an instant as he reared up and prepared to crush down.


As always, this thing's more than two weeks old and I was only able to post it now... Sorry I've been this inactive lately ^^" My summer holidays have finally started so hopefully now I'll find time to draw and write!
Anyway, introducing another new character here: he is the son of OCs and brother of another character of mine - can you randomly guess who? I've got a story planned for him and his sibling, but first I decided to focus on his past and connect him to my fav, Topacio. So now we're starting to discover why the Crystal Prince is still in denial about his true self...
I swear I'll write a dialogue sooner or later, I'm just uploading it so that you know that I simply loved the episode with Dash's parents (though my favorite of season 7 so far is the one with Luna and Celestia) and I really liked their two characters, especially Bow Hothoof - hence why I drew him. I've already got this little bit of story planned and just need to write it down (also, look! another attempt at a background!), so stay tuned :D

EDIT: dialogue added!

Bow Hothoof tiredly opened the door and let his saddlebag fall on the floor. He walked to the living room slowly and with heavy steps that revealed all the stress he’d collected throughout the morning and afternoon. Sighing, he plopped down on the couch, careful not to lie on his wings, and closed his eyes.

His wife had to meet the principal right after work, so she wouldn’t come home until dinner time. Windy Whistles hated meeting Rainbow’s teachers, she found them too strict and narrow-minded, so she usually unburned herself of such duty by unloading it on her husband.

This time, though, it seemed Rainbow had got in real trouble and a simple reprimand letter was not enough. And since Bow already knew his shift would last longer than usual, it was Windy’s turn to talk to the school’s director and try to lighten whatever punishment he had in mind for whatever trouble her daughter had caused.

The stallion was just about to fall in the dreamless sleep he’d been longing for, when he heard a soft sniffle from upstairs. He moved an ear to catch the sound, not sure he’d really heard it, but then stood up at once when he realized it was his daughter’s silent weeping.

He quickly trotted to Rainbow’s room and quietly knocked on her door. “Dashie…?” No more crying could be heard, but a few hoofsteps getting closer to the door.

“Go away.” The filly mumbled as she sat on the floor with her back against the door.

Bow bit his lip and found himself at a juncture: he could leave his daughter alone and let her sadness fade away (though he was not sure it would) while he finally relaxed after hard work, or he could bring up the promise he’d made her a few days earlier and brighten her day. Sighing, he offered: “I thought you’d sworn we would have that walk alongside the lake near Ponyville.”

Rainbow didn’t answer at first. He could hear the gears in her little brain turn as she judged if it was really worth going. After a few seconds, Bow heard a quick flutter of wings and the door opened, revealing the tiny blue Pegasus still in mid-air.

“Perfect.” He commented with a smug smile.

Once reached the small grassy beach, father and daughter decided they preferred lying on the sand to walking up and down the short shore. Rainbow plumped down near the water and her father settled beside her, opening his wings wide to stretch them and let his feathers warm up in the still shining sun. The filly almost mimicked him, but winced when she tried to unfold her right wing.

“What happened, dearie?” Bow wasn’t really sure what his daughter had done to deserve her mother a meeting with the principal. Rainbow seemed however determined not to tell him, so he opted for a further push. “Did you get in another fight?”

“It wasn’t me who started it.”, she was quick to specify. Her eyes guiltily ran left and right to avoid her father’s, but she gave up when he brought a hoof to her chin to lift it.

“Why were you involved?” Though he’d had a similar conversation with her plenty of times, Bow could swear there was something more serious about it this time, something that was upsetting Rainbow more than usual. “Did you say something you shouldn’t have?” The only answer he got was Rainbow’s slow head shaking. “Then explain to me what happened. I promise I won’t punish you, Rainbow. I’m certain what you’re going through now is enough.” At that, the filly’s ears perked up and she looked at him for a second before lowering her head again.

“They laughed at me. And then they started hitting me...” Tears were welling up in her magenta eyes again, but she hurriedly tried to cover them with her shaking hoof. “O-Only because they saw me…”

“What did they see?” Bow was now sincerely worried, more than he’d ever been for her, and he tried to appear as calm as he could to give his daughter more confidence.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“I promise.”

“Not even mom?” Rainbow stared deep into her father’s eyes, searching and finding honesty in that stallion she trusted so much.

“Not even mom.”, he reassured her lovingly, though with growing worry.

Rainbow gulped and looked away, seemingly regretting her decision of telling him. “They saw Gilda and me holding wings… a-and then I gave her a kiss.” She closed her eyes tightly, waiting for a physical punishment that actually never came. When she opened one eye, she glanced at Bow and noticed the vaguely surprised look on his face, but she could find no sign of anger. “You’re not… angry?”

“Not at all, my dearest… why would I be?” The Pegasus wrapped a wing around his daughter and stopped her before she could talk about the event again, taking notice of the wet sparkles in her eyes. “Listen to me, Rainbow. Whatever those bullies said, it’s not true.”

Confusion arose on the filly’s face. “How can you be so sure?”

“Because I know for a fact that there is absolutely nothing wrong in fillies who like other fillies, or colts who like other colts.”

Rainbow seemed to be caught unprepared. “H-How do you know I like Gilda…?” The plumage on her chest and shoulders was ruffled and her cheeks had become red in embarrassment.

“That doesn’t matter, Dash.” He smirked at her, though if a bit tiredly. “What’s important is that you must forget what those bad foals accused you of: never let them talk to you like that again.” The filly brightened up and the ghost of a smile appeared on her lips. From the look in her eyes, Bow could already tell what she had in mind. “However”, he added with an authoritative tone, “this does not mean you’re allowed to beat them like they did to you. Violence is never the answer, even though it might seem the easiest solution.”

Before her father could add anything, Rainbow snuggled up against his feathered chest and muttered a soft “thank you”. A single tear ran down the older Pegasus’ cheek as he gently rested his head on top of his daughter’s and kissed her on the mane.

He closed his eyes, but gave up any attempt at falling asleep when the ever growing worry inside him started asking him questions he was afraid to answer.


One week had passed since what had happened between Tulip and Valentino at the park, and the two stallions still hadn’t spoken to each other at all, if not for discussing why a black leather belt wouldn’t emphasize the deep blue of the dress Valentino was sewing. The tension between them was palpable each morning, when Tulip came to the studio, but it always eventually grew into a detached tolerance by the end of the day.

That night, the white Unicorn had decided things would change. He’d thought about a million reactions Valentino could have when bringing up the topic, so he was sure he could handle anything by that point. Tulip had started doubting Valentino’s silence since the day after their kiss, and his uncertainty had only kept getting more insidious and convincing.

It wasn’t particularly late, so Tulip figured Valentino hadn’t gone to bed yet – he was the kind of stallion who’d fall asleep at one in the morning if it meant meeting a deadline, anyway. Going up the stairs that led to the designer’s studio, he felt a bit bolder with each step he took and the dialogue in his mind suddenly took a positive fold, so when he raised his hoof to knock on the mahogany door his expression was fearless and determinate.

Before he could move, however, he heard muffled steps and a light, feminine giggling behind the door. Furrowing his brows, he placed an ear on the wood and tried listening to what was going on inside. Suddenly, the doorknob was engulfed in a cloud of green magic and it turned slowly.

A rather short, slender mare snuck out of the room with a small smile lingering on her lips. Tulip, who had hidden behind the decorative wardrobe a few steps farther, noticed she was still buttoning her shirt. He waited for her to disappear behind the corner, heard her steps going down the stairs, then, acting on thoughtless impulse, he opened the door.

Valentino didn’t even turn at first. With his eyes closed and the corners of his lips curling, he lazily blew smoke from his nostrils, “Darling, I told you. I’m afraid our meetings have come to an end…” Lying comfortably on the bed and wearing only a black silken tie, the stallion finally looked up at the pony who’d just entered.

Tulip saw the panic in Valentino’s eyes as soon as they met his own cold stare. His chest started raising and falling even more quickly as he sat up and coughed up more smoke – his cigarette had fallen on the messy sheets just a second before. “T-Tulip…”

“Tell me it’s not happening for real.”

“W-what are you doing here?” Valentino jumped down the bed, and the tie hanging loosely around his neck fell in the process. “It’s the middle of the-“

“I’m sorry I interrupted you, it was not my intention.” Tulip’s ears flattened against his nape and his voice got louder. “I’d only come to discuss what had happened between us, but I guess it was not the right time, wasn’t it?”

“What happened between us? You mean…” Valentino’s eyes were filled with terror once again. “T-that meant nothing to me. I can’t see why you’d want to talk about it.”

Tulip felt his heart cracking at those words. All of his hope, the certainty he’d fed off in the past week, it had all been lies. His hesitation gave Valentino the incentive he need to regain his fierce composure.

“And don’t dare say that you know otherwise, that I’m lying, or similar crap that fools like you always try to serve.” He lifted his head with an accent of pride as he walked arrogantly towards Tulip. “In any case, it’s not your-“

Shut up.” A single tear had started running down the white stallion’s cheek, and, for some inexplicable reason, in that moment a sharp pang of guilt made Valentino’s heart ache. “I am no fool. I know that you’re trying to deny this to yourself-“

“You don’t know me at all!” Valentino stomped his hoof on the floor and raised his tail as a sign of aggressiveness, but his voice had begun quivering when he’d got closer to Tulip. He wasn’t sure how long his façade would still resist, but he would’ve never let the younger stallion see it crumble and fall.

“…I know you felt the same thing as I did! It was written in your eyes, it was clear in the way your body reacted when we-“ Tulip’s breath was cut off as a usually gentle pair of hooves violently pushed him against the mahogany door behind him, which clicked closed when his body was pressed against it.

Valentino froze when he realized what he’d done. Somewhere in the back of his mind, a creeping thought whispered that he was actually happy to be standing so close to Tulip again. Despite the agitated heat radiating off the white body again his own, Valentino couldn’t help but tremble as a gelid shiver ran down his spine. When he finally focused, the first thing he managed to notice were Tulip’s hurt, but still sparkling, vivid eyes. His heart skipped a beat when he realized a second thing – their horns were touching again and their muzzles were mere inches apart, so close that a simple motion would’ve been enough to make their lips meet, just like that first time Valentino had tried to forget.

Even after they’d abruptly stopped against the door, Tulip had trouble catching his shaky breath. Valentino’s sweaty coat smelled like delicate cologne, aphrodisiac musk and a tinge of lilac, that unique scent Tulip had learnt to associate with the azure stallion. Though Tulip wanted to get Valentino off of him, spit insults at him and tell him how painful his disappointment was, he didn’t even try to squirm.

They were both breathing heavily and they could feel each other’s heart pumping strongly, but when Valentino’s head moved forward ever so slightly, and without his will, Tulip found control back in his muscles and he weakly pushed the blond Unicorn away.

The two stallions stared at each other like two warriors after a bloody battle. Valentino, defeated, had his head low and his legs trembling uncontrollably. He felt something break inside of him when Tulip tore his gaze away and turned his back on him before opening the door. The words he pronounced had the force and danger of a burning cigarette extinguished on a patch of exposed, sensible flesh.

“You disgust me.”


I swear I had no idea what I was doing when shading this. Forgive me, really - my attempt has failed... Here's one more little snippet of story, anyway, accompanied by the lazy sketch without background. I love Valentino's character and I have a lot of things planned for him, but I can't find the time to draw, let alone write, any of them :C Buut now that school is almost over, hopefully this summer I'll become more active!


“I never thought you’d accept and join me, Val. I’d guessed you were the fussy, picky fashionista who hates walking on something that’s not parquet.” Tulip shot Valentino a knowing glance, and the aquamarine Unicorn turned just in time to catch it.

“You’d guessed wrong, then.” He went back to sipping his wine, casually looking around and never really paying attention to anything in particular.

Tulip got up from the pick nick cloth lying several steps away from Valentino, and he trotted towards a few lilac flowers to appreciate their delicate scent. Valentino observed his elegant gait as if he was studying a moving statue, then his gaze unconsciously slipped to the stallion’s flank.

“Tell me again, what was your talent about?” Tulip stopped mid-track and threw him a curious look.

“I, uh, have a sort of special connection to flowers and plants.” Anticipating the laugh that would soon follow Valentino’s amused stare, he added, “Not like I can talk to them or stuff like that, of course.” He rolled his eyes theatrically. “I just feel inspired when I see or study their species.”

“That’s why you always choose floral motifs then” Valentino brought a hoof to tap his chin in thought. “How convenient that you came to me right when I’d decided I’d have this season flower-themed.” His eyebrows raised, accompanied by a faint smile and a light sigh.

“I admit it hasn’t really been a coincidence,” Tulip explained nonchalantly, trying not to stare at the other Unicorn’s slender legs as he stretched them before tucking them under his body again. “I’d heard some designers were taking part in a sort of contest – or whatever that is – which had flowers as its main theme, and I thought it’d be a good chance for me to become someone’s apprentice and-“

“Why not participate yourself?” Valentino swished his short tail and mindlessly started moving his half-full glass in circles. He loved listening to Tulip, he simply found his voice too melodious to be ignored – and yet, he felt a bugging sensation each time he dwelled on this thought.

“Ah, how could I have? I can barely hold a pencil, let alone design a whole line of clothes and sew them!”

La fortuna aiuta gli audaci…” Valentino reminded him with a playful smirk on his lips as their eyes met.

Tulip’s heart stopped for a second, then leapt suddenly and started beating faster at the azure stallion’s foreign words. He didn’t even manage to stammer a question, because Valentino gave him the answer before he could process it.

“Fortune favors the brave, my friend. It’s an Italian saying.” Taking notice of Tulip’s fascinated gaze, he vaguely acknowledged a strange feeling in his chest before going on. “I travelled to Rome and Florence just last year, in case you were wondering.”

“I-Interesting. And how many mares had their heart broken after you left?” He asked jokingly, though deep down he knew his question wasn’t as rhetorical as he was trying to make it sound.

Valentino brushed his mane with a hoof distractedly, apparently counting mentally and letting a smile curve the angles of his lips. “Not that many, actually. I’ve got more here who are planning to slaughter me one day or another, but what can I do about it?” He brought the transparent glass of wine to his mouth, but the liquid only grazed his lips. “It’s not my fault if I’m a charmer.”

Tulip blushed lightly and he felt a shiver run down his spine, but tried to keep calm. After a rather long pause, and before he could realize what his mind was willing to ask, words escaped his lips, out of his control, “Have you ever been in love?”

Valentino’s ears perked up and his face changed to an expression of surprise and perplexity, something not even himself was used to. “Love?”

The silence lingered on the atmosphere around them for more than what Tulip considered comfortable, and he immediately regretted speaking. Trying to cover up the awkwardness he’d settled on the two of them, he coughed and started walking to where they’d left the pick nick wicker basket.

“No.” Valentino’s answer came firm and clear. Tulip turned quickly to face him, and noticed he’d stood up as well, with his chest raising and falling in an irregular motion but with his eyes staring determined at something far away. “I never have. Sometimes, I fear I’ll never even be.”

The younger Unicorn’s heart beat faster with each word Valentino pronounced with his resolute voice, though his suddenly unsure eyes told otherwise. As if he was a simple spectator at a theatre play, Tulip slowly realized how he’d been getting closer to him, but somehow he didn’t have time to start panicking like he knew he should have done.

Valentino shifted his gaze to the white stallion as he saw him approaching, and stared deep into his forest green eyes for the shortest of seconds before he felt their bodies touching. He shivered violently, just once, as a creeping sensation made its way in his uncertain racing thoughts. Tulip lowered his head calmly at the same time Valentino slowly lifted his, and the contact between their curved horns made tiny sparkles arise from the tip of both.

Tulip could feel Valentino’s heartbeat through his feathered chest, and barely acknowledged that its rhythm had started matching his own. His breath got heavier and he felt his whole body burning and tensing in anticipation, giving up any attempt at controlling himself. Closing his eyes, he let himself get lost in the moment and forgot about anything else around them.

The soft, brief and distracted touch between their lips woke them both to reality. While Tulip looked still dazed and bewildered, Valentino’s eyes were filled with unexpected terror as he backed a few steps. He however managed to recompose himself quickly, before Tulip could notice, and the taller white colt misunderstood the blush on his cheeks.

Only their eyes spoke afterwards as they packed the remaining food and beverage, when one of the two would dare glance in the other’s direction as if trying to explain what had happened, but it was a one-way conversation. Even after they said goodbye and headed to the respective homes, Tulip couldn’t stop thinking about their short kiss over and over again, and the smile brightening his face wouldn’t fade even if he tried.

Valentino’s thoughts ran in the same vicious circle, but what he felt was something quite different from Tulip’s carefree delight: stumbling upon his own hooves, he couldn’t avoid the sense of denying fear and ambiguous disgust that had washed over him and was now drowning him. 


One more chapter for the latest story arc I started, exploring Valentino's character - this time, something unexpected happens to the ever-so-cocky womanizer... but what's going to happen next?



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