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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm Dawn22Eagle ^^

I'm an Italian girl who loves books and enjoys spending time drawing :3 I love foreign languages (I'm studying English, German and French), too, and would like to travel to Germany and France. I've been horse riding since I was very young, but only recently did I start taking lessons. I love horses!

As you can see, I have a few passions: Sonic World, Adventure Time, Pokémon and, above all, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm a psycho AppleDash shipper, but I actually enjoy exchanging opinions with other people, so if you want to talk about something canon-related or ask questions about my own Alternate Universe (headcanons are spread here and there in more or less any of my drawings) then don't be afraid and send me a note or write a comment :3

Thank you for stopping by and, if you did, looking through my gallery. Any comment is very much appreciated, even more if it's a sort of critique or review.

Have a nice day!



EDIT - DIALOGUE ADDED! I know it's even shorter than usual, but... I hope you like how the story's going so far <3


There hadn’t been much left to say after Flurry Heart had run out of the cold room – Cadence had done her best to try and offer possible solutions, but not her husband nor her sons had paid attention to her. Finally, exhausted and defeated, the Princess of Love had weakly walked to her chamber, followed close by Shining Armor.

Topacio had only watched with void in his eyes as his older brother tried to talk to him before giving up and leaving in complete silence. The Unicorn had stood still in front of the window for longer than he later realized, then he had headed for his private room with dizziness clouding his thoughts.

Once locked the door behind him, he looked around for nothing in particular, stared out at the night sky for a while, and finally reached the soft bed against the wall. He lay down on it gently, resting his still trembling legs on the white mattress. Glancing once more out the window, he took notice of his pale reflection – scared and tired lilac eyes encircled by dark bags and bristly fur, which had just dried from the tears running down his cheeks.

He let his head fall down with a quiet thud and closed his eyes, trying to focus on something neutral, but even after what seemed an eternity he couldn’t. He had to find a way to prove his sister wrong on the subject she’d brought up – but was this really the biggest problem? The story their mother had revealed should’ve been the greater threat, he knew it; however, he couldn’t help but move it to the background and pay less attention to it, for his worst nightmare was becoming reality.

What if she’s just bluffing…? The tiniest question mark appeared in the back of his mind, bugging him all of a sudden and trying to convince him that Flurry actually had no clue about his secret. Even if this was remotely possible, he ended up reasoning, I certainly let it on with the way I reacted…

The light sound of a door creaking caused Topacio to snap back into reality – in a second, every muscle in his body had tensed in anticipation and he was just waiting for his wrathful sister to burst into his room. When nothing happened, his eyebrows furrowed in perplexity and his ears turned backwards, involuntarily catching an even quieter noise.

As he turned around, however, he didn’t find anything out of the ordinary of his comfortable room. He usually didn’t let himself get too caught up by ghost stories and urban legends – mostly because he thought them too fake to be even vaguely believable – but this time he couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver run down his spine.

“W-Who’s there?” Topacio regretted asking the question as soon as the words escaped his mouth. As if anyone would answer, you idiot. Shaking his head and sighing, he was falling back into his troubled thoughts again when he came to a sudden realization. Cadence’s long lost son… she s-said…

Without thinking twice about it, he jumped off the bed and pointed his horn upward, casting a protecting spell that acted as a shell surrounding the room. He almost judged his decision stupid once more, but reasoned that he had his motives to be scared. Even if not, anyway, he liked underlining his privacy with a few spells from time to time.

Still, he felt a strange uneasiness and couldn’t put his hoof on what was wrong in his room. He almost felt like he was not alone. Stepping around the room, he opened every closet and drawer, now with no more thoughts telling him that it was foolish to do so. But everything was exactly as he’d left it a few hours earlier, which disquieted him even more.

As last resort, he bent down to look under his bed – maybe his cousins’ possum pet, Tiberius, had managed to stay there after they’d gone back home the day before? He squinted in the dark, glanced around, and was about to lighten his horn to see better, but suddenly froze at once as the blood in his veins curdled.

Had it not been for the protection spell he’d cast, his scream of terror would’ve resounded in the whole castle.


Another chapter for the first story arch I started, this time featuring only Topacio and... some mysterious pony (or whatever creature you think that is) hiding under his bed. I tried giving off a night effect, darkening the colors and stuff, and even though I can't say I hate how it came out, I know it's still kinda poor (my scanner messing things up also did not help)... Anyway, I'll write the small story part for this as soon as I can, for now I hope you enjoy the drawing itself ^^
Hey everyone!
I'll be away for the next two weeks, so, even though I was finally getting inspired also thanks to a friend I'll certainly tag in my following drawings, I won't be able to post anything for another looong while... I'm sorry D: 
I hope you're enjoying your holidays, have fun! <3
Prince Father
I swear I'm writing the piece to my latest MLP drawing "Lurking", and I promise you I'll try not to take ages like I already am

Anyway, here's some new info that some of you might have guessed - Damasked Tulip's father is Prince Blueblood! I wanted to add a short story to this, too, but I know it'd just mean more and more delaying, so no story this time. Instead, have some headcanon on the past of these two:

Despite his luxurious lifestyle, cocky behavior and permanent urge to be the centre of attention, Blueblood's heart is not stone-cold as he likes to let others believe. His facade is so precisely built and portrayed that even his adopted aunt Celestia has a hard time figuring when he's bluffing and when he's showing his true self. However, despite his secret honest, caring side, he spends most of his time acting like a playboy bragger, wooing mares in his court and troubling his servants.
Blueblood's quite infamous in the Canterlot castle also for creating a wide harem around him, made of upper class mares, a few barely adult fillies and even stallions who rarely ever stay for more than a week or two, leaving the castle for some time just to then return. The Prince is aware of the risks and dangers behind such a lascivious life, so he always makes sure he and his mares are safely protected when "enjoying their time together", as he puts it... but accidents happen, and not all of them remain hidden. In fact, whereas a few courtiers opted for interrupting their pregnancy after finding out about it, and never let the father know about anything, there was one scrawny, young mare who refused to end the life of her unborn foal, and eventually gave birth to a tiny white-coated male.
Though the mother did what she could to hide it from Blueblood, he discovered what had happened and was forced to come to terms with the brutal reality. The parents were good at keeping the story a secret to anyone else, but a decision had to be made and the life of the red-maned colt depended on him. After few endless days, the Prince chose to keep his son and bring him up as best as he could: what finally convinced him was his mate's ever-worsening health. The poor young mare, already sick and weak before birth-giving, eventually died the day after Blueblood revealed his decision to her. He felt devasted then, but not because of the bond he'd built with her (they were barely even on mild terms), but rather for what awaited him, the unknown path of a lonely fatherhood.
It took him months, but, as his colt was raised and feeded by the three nurses the Prince had carefully selected among his servants, Blueblood reasoned it would be best to let Celestia and Luna know about the secret child he was brining up. The Alicorns were furious at first, but became gentler when they found out that it had been Blueblood's choice, though forced, to keep the foal. They helped him whenever he was in trouble, but reprimanded him fiercely when he snuck out to have fun with his now reducing harem.
Having an heir had never been in Blueblood's plan and it would never have, so the first years were a real nightmare to him. The only thing that always managed to stop him from his thoughts of abandoning the colt was seeing the gray star-shaped mark on the left side of the little Unicorn's neck, right behind his jaw, and perfectly matching his own. It is a symbol every member of his family had, and shows a relatively close bond to Alicorn ancestors, among which also Celestia appears.
So, with such constant reminder in his mind, Blueblood let the years pass and grew always closer to his son. Damasked Tulip was nothing but confused to learn about his past (Blueblood didn't want his own story to be a secret, so he told it to him when he reasoned Tulip was old enough), and he understands why his father did everything he's done. Though they're not the bestest of friends, and the younger Unicorn soon became very independent from his father, Tulip and Blueblood share a heartfelt relationship and trust each other blindly.
The Queen
Sooo one of my closest friends gave me a diary as early birthday present and I've already drawn a lot of stuff in it, nothing pony-related. This is my most recent drawing, a portrait of the Seelie Queen in the Shadowhunters world, whom in the Netflix series was portrayed by Lola Flanery. I must admit, seeing the Queen as a little girl was surprising, but I have to say I quite liked it :D
So yeah, this was human practice as well as shading experiment... I'm sure nobody's interested in it here, but I fslt like posting it anyway... I'll be back with the pony art, don't worry ^^
Water creatures
Whoo, it's been a looong while since my last headcanon, hasn't it? I missed doing stuff like this <3 Anyway, I was in a water mood and decided to draw some sea creatures which of course ended up being pony hybrids... So, in my universe there are three different species of equines that generally live underwater:

Merponies are aquatic mammals characterized by having a pony head and both flippers and flukes. They are not covered in fur, feathers nor scales, but in plain skin, which colors remind those of dolphins, killer whales, yellow tangs, lion fish, clownfish, angelfish and so on. The variety of patterns is so wide that most merponies show absolutely unique colors and designs.

Merponies communicate through a large range of sounds, from whinnies and snorts when they're on the ground, to acoustically different sounds such as ultrasounds, whistles and cries. They are a quite isolated society which usually prefers not to attack others, but the single individuals are very united and can be dangerously revengeful against those who have betrayed them. They live in shallow waters more or less everywhere, not only in sandy backdropped seas or oceans but also in calm and wide rivers or lakes. Their dwellings are built underwater but at very low deeps. Some even crawl on the ground and hollow some kind of "pools" connected to the sea (or anything else) so that they can stay wet even though they're not dived. However, since they feel safer, they tend to sleep, eat and generally live as much as they can underwater. They can stay underwater without breathing for a couple of hours or a bit less. This span of time, though, is not enough to sleep, since they need at least 7 or 8 hours of complete rest every day, so they behave like dolphins: half of their brain sleeps while the other half stays active and viceversa. This allows them to be never completely helpless in case of danger or threaten. Their feeding is based off fish and shellfish; they usually hunt in herds so that they can improve their chances of success. Foals start eating fish when they're 2 years old (quite late compared to their earth siblings), but they learn to get their own food only when they're 10 or older. 

Merponies can actually stay and move (event though very slowly) on the ground, but for short periods: they need to keep their skin evermore damp, so it's more likely to see them out of water when it's raining or during a humid, hot day.
The whole body of a Merpony is conceived to be hydrodynamic, from their head to their pectoral and caudal fins. Some types of Merponies show a crest which goes from their skull to their back (the vividly colored azure one on the left is an example), others have a dorsal fin like most aquatic mammals. A few Merponies are provided with a set of two extra fins between their flukes and their flippers - these are probably the equivalent wings of Pegasi, and they give the Merpony more balance especially in sharp turns or when swimming through strong currents.

The Merponies' mating rite is something ponies have abandoned (even though hints of it are noticeable in Pegasi's "love courtship" before a stallion and a mare actually get together). Males of this species draw their female's attention by twisting, twirling and doing other tricks around the possible mate, until they start to imitate their suitor. Since Merponies are a quite aggressive species, a few of them show battle scars and courtships can be scarily violent. Pregnancy is not painful for mares of this species (unlike for Pegasi and Unicorns), but they usually don't have more than two foals because it may be difficult to sustain a large family even for a pair of good hunters.
Merponies can mate with ponies, as well. It's very rare because of the various drawbacks a couple ought to deal with, and because of the general hostility of Merponies towards other species. However, not everything is possible: mares (either Pegasus, Unicorn or Earth Pony) can't get pregnant from a Merpony stallion. For some mysterious reason that scientists are still studying, they are somehow sterile to the species' semen, whereas Merpony mares can get pregnant from a pony stallion. The hybrid is usually born as a two-legged Merpony who can live either on the ground or underwater. There are no recorded cases of such hybrids living longer than a few years (the oldest reaching 8 years): every calf developed a mysterious and terminal disease linked to their half "land" blood, but there haven't been enough cases for researchers to investigate adequately.

An Hippocampus is an older subspecies of ponies which, unlike Merponies, has gills and can breathe underwater. Hippocampi use their nostrils to smell underwater, and their ears (which aren't always external) are among the most sensible of the whole animal kingdom. They're featured by various fins on their body, not only on their back and tail but also on their legs and sometimes neck and ribs. Their caudal fin is vertical and their internal skeleton is made of cartilage, not bones, so they're quite light compared to Merponies. Not all of them have four legs like a pony - most only have two and only a few have flippers like Merponies.

They're much rarer than Merponies and are now almost impossible to find, having suffered the hunting of fisherponies for centuries. They're still victims of hunts, now illegal, and the few remaining colonies live hidden in caves several feet underwater. They lay eggs and their mating rituals are much calmer than those of Merponies. At the same time, family ties are much less tight, too, and younglings generally become independent quite earlier. Hippocampi feed off fish and seaweed, so they're not strictly carnivorous, but they can live without food for several days in a row, the strongest males even for a week. 

Integral part of Equestria's mythology, these creepy creatures are real existing monsters infesting the shallow waters of isolated swamps and small lakes. They're only male and, even though they can live up to a couple of centuries, only very few are still alive. Their bodies, sustained both by bones and cartilage, are made of a thick substance vaguely resembling a scaly skin. The crest running down their spine and tail ends with photic parts (like those of fireflies) which attract their prey and act as sign of aggressivity and threat when facing an enemy. Their legs end with webbed calwed paws - the back ones are provided with a rear talon which can secrete venom when stuck in the victim. Kelpies have sharp fangs and a pointy, crooked horn which can actually channel no magic and is maily used as a weapon, similarly to almost all the other body parts. Though this species has gills, he can resist for very long periods of time on the ground as long as it keeps its body wet enough.

Following the terrifying stories surrounding these living legends, Kelpies guarantee the existance of their species by luring mares (Merponies as well as Earth Ponies, Pegasi or Unicorns) and impregnating them, keeping them in their territory until they lay the Kelpie's eggs. Kelpies can also shapeshift, similarly to Changelings, and can assume the looks of a handsome young stallion to attract the mare they've aimed at. If the prey doesn't fall into the trap, she's captured and harassed as soon as the Kelpie finds her alone in his territory. It's hard to understand whether such legends are true or not, but these bloodcurdling tales are enough for most ponies to keep away from undiscovered, wild marshes and bogs.


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