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Original character design
I'll create a character based off a detailed description of what you'd like it to look like. You can also give me a reference for its parents (if they're not canon) and I'll design a next generation foal.
Additional name and cutie mark cost 250 points/2$ each.
Commissions for BlackNightStallion by Dawn22Eagle
Full body
Colored full-body drawing of a character, both canon or original. A simple background costs 700 points/7$, and each additional character adds 500 points/5$ to the overall price.
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Colored headshot of both canon and original characters. Additional characters cost 300 points/3$ each.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, I'm Dawn22Eagle ^^

I'm an Italian girl who loves books and enjoys spending time drawing :3 I love foreign languages (I'm studying English, German and French), too, and would like to travel to Germany and France. I've been horse riding since I was very young, but only recently did I start taking lessons. I love horses!

As you can see, I have a few passions: Sonic World, Adventure Time, Pokémon and, above all, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I'm a psycho AppleDash shipper, but I actually enjoy exchanging opinions with other people, so if you want to talk about something canon-related or ask questions about my own Alternate Universe (headcanons are spread here and there in more or less any of my drawings) then don't be afraid and send me a note or write a comment :3

Thank you for stopping by and, if you did, looking through my gallery. Any comment is very much appreciated, even more if it's a sort of critique or review.

Have a nice day!

Just like last time, I want to thank those who took part in the contest and dedicated some of their time to create art and stories for me to see - I appreciate this a lot <3
Unlike last time there's only one design left, and it's that of the Photo Finish/Dumbbell Pegasus colt, shown here together with all the other characters. If you're interested, let me know ^^
Now, these are the winners I chose for each of the remaining eight characters!

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And to end this journal, skylarbrant14's beautiful picture of all of characters she drew for me <3
Final Goodbyes by skylarbrant14
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“I never thought you’d accept and join me, Val. I’d guessed you were the fussy, picky fashionista who hates walking on something that’s not parquet.” Tulip shot Valentino a knowing glance, and the aquamarine Unicorn turned just in time to catch it.

“You’d guessed wrong, then.” He went back to sipping his wine, casually looking around and never really paying attention to anything in particular.

Tulip got up from the pick nick cloth lying several steps away from Valentino, and he trotted towards a few lilac flowers to appreciate their delicate scent. Valentino observed his elegant gait as if he was studying a moving statue, then his gaze unconsciously slipped to the stallion’s flank.

“Tell me again, what was your talent about?” Tulip stopped mid-track and threw him a curious look.

“I, uh, have a sort of special connection to flowers and plants.” Anticipating the laugh that would soon follow Valentino’s amused stare, he added, “Not like I can talk to them or stuff like that, of course.” He rolled his eyes theatrically. “I just feel inspired when I see or study their species.”

“That’s why you always choose floral motifs then” Valentino brought a hoof to tap his chin in thought. “How convenient that you came to me right when I’d decided I’d have this season flower-themed.” His eyebrows raised, accompanied by a faint smile and a light sigh.

“I admit it hasn’t really been a coincidence,” Tulip explained nonchalantly, trying not to stare at the other Unicorn’s slender legs as he stretched them before tucking them under his body again. “I’d heard some designers were taking part in a sort of contest – or whatever that is – which had flowers as its main theme, and I thought it’d be a good chance for me to become someone’s apprentice and-“

“Why not participate yourself?” Valentino swished his short tail and mindlessly started moving his half-full glass in circles. He loved listening to Tulip, he simply found his voice too melodious to be ignored – and yet, he felt a bugging sensation each time he dwelled on this thought.

“Ah, how could I have? I can barely hold a pencil, let alone design a whole line of clothes and sew them!”

La fortuna aiuta gli audaci…” Valentino reminded him with a playful smirk on his lips as their eyes met.

Tulip’s heart stopped for a second, then leapt suddenly and started beating faster at the azure stallion’s foreign words. He didn’t even manage to stammer a question, because Valentino gave him the answer before he could process it.

“Fortune favors the brave, my friend. It’s an Italian saying.” Taking notice of Tulip’s fascinated gaze, he vaguely acknowledged a strange feeling in his chest before going on. “I travelled to Rome and Florence just last year, in case you were wondering.”

“I-Interesting. And how many mares had their heart broken after you left?” He asked jokingly, though deep down he knew his question wasn’t as rhetorical as he was trying to make it sound.

Valentino brushed his mane with a hoof distractedly, apparently counting mentally and letting a smile curve the angles of his lips. “Not that many, actually. I’ve got more here who are planning to slaughter me one day or another, but what can I do about it?” He brought the transparent glass of wine to his mouth, but the liquid only grazed his lips. “It’s not my fault if I’m a charmer.”

Tulip blushed lightly and he felt a shiver run down his spine, but tried to keep calm. After a rather long pause, and before he could realize what his mind was willing to ask, words escaped his lips, out of his control, “Have you ever been in love?”

Valentino’s ears perked up and his face changed to an expression of surprise and perplexity, something not even himself was used to. “Love?”

The silence lingered on the atmosphere around them for more than what Tulip considered comfortable, and he immediately regretted speaking. Trying to cover up the awkwardness he’d settled on the two of them, he coughed and started walking to where they’d left the pick nick wicker basket.

“No.” Valentino’s answer came firm and clear. Tulip turned quickly to face him, and noticed he’d stood up as well, with his chest raising and falling in an irregular motion but with his eyes staring determined at something far away. “I never have. Sometimes, I fear I’ll never even be.”

The younger Unicorn’s heart beat faster with each word Valentino pronounced with his resolute voice, though his suddenly unsure eyes told otherwise. As if he was a simple spectator at a theatre play, Tulip slowly realized how he’d been getting closer to him, but somehow he didn’t have time to start panicking like he knew he should have done.

Valentino shifted his gaze to the white stallion as he saw him approaching, and stared deep into his forest green eyes for the shortest of seconds before he felt their bodies touching. He shivered violently, just once, as a creeping sensation made its way in his uncertain racing thoughts. Tulip lowered his head calmly at the same time Valentino slowly lifted his, and the contact between their curved horns made tiny sparkles arise from the tip of both.

Tulip could feel Valentino’s heartbeat through his feathered chest, and barely acknowledged that its rhythm had started matching his own. His breath got heavier and he felt his whole body burning and tensing in anticipation, giving up any attempt at controlling himself. Closing his eyes, he let himself get lost in the moment and forgot about anything else around them.

The soft, brief and distracted touch between their lips woke them both to reality. While Tulip looked still dazed and bewildered, Valentino’s eyes were filled with unexpected terror as he backed a few steps. He however managed to recompose himself quickly, before Tulip could notice, and the taller white colt misunderstood the blush on his cheeks.

Only their eyes spoke afterwards as they packed the remaining food and beverage, when one of the two would dare glance in the other’s direction as if trying to explain what had happened, but it was a one-way conversation. Even after they said goodbye and headed to the respective homes, Tulip couldn’t stop thinking about their short kiss over and over again, and the smile brightening his face wouldn’t fade even if he tried.

Valentino’s thoughts ran in the same vicious circle, but what he felt was something quite different from Tulip’s carefree delight: stumbling upon his own hooves, he couldn’t avoid the sense of denying fear and ambiguous disgust that had washed over him and was now drowning him. 


One more chapter for the latest story arc I started, exploring Valentino's character - this time, something unexpected happens to the ever-so-cocky womanizer... but what's going to happen next?

Datura - Commission
Commissioned ages ago by the amazing :iconravenrosecrow: - I want to thank you for the nth time for all the supportive comments you leave on my art, and I apologize for the terrible delay (my week in Germany left me with no Internet connection, so I couldn't post it)

A fair yellow hoof slammed violently on the wooden desk, sending a few blank sheets of paper flying on the floor. Damn it!

Valentino breathed heavily and gritted his teeth on the cigarette in his mouth, which was surprisingly having no soothing effect on his nerves. Sighing, he then let the pencil in his magical aura fall on his uncompleted sketch, leaving a grey mark in the middle of it.

He was about to fling something, anything, on the wall behind him, when he heard the mahogany door open.

“Are you still in your den, Casanova?” Rarity’s crystalline voice reached his ears before he could turn to greet her. Rolling his eyes, he took the cigarette with his magic and tapped it on the ashtray lightly.

“Until inspiration hits me, Rarity. Have you come only to check on me?” The young stallion failed to hide his curiosity, since he was used to being left alone the whole time he spent in the boutique.

“Actually, I haven’t. There’s something… someone, I’d like to introduce to you.” Valentino turned just in time to see Rarity’s playful smile. When the mare stepped aside, a young Unicorn entered the room as well.

“Hello, I’m Damasked Tulip. I’m-“

“Wait, wait, wait.” Valentino raised a hoof and stopped the other pony mid-sentence, not liking where the situation was going. “Was he, like, sent here to me as an apprentice?” His eyes narrowed and his tone became suddenly colder.

“Oh come on, Valentino. You need to socialize a bit more, you can’t always remain in this lair of yours and expect to be able to deal with clients perfectly.” Rarity gestured casually, shrugging it off and smiling briefly to the newcomer as an apology.

Valentino raised his eyebrows and seemed to spit venom when he spoke. “It was you, then. Even though you know how I hate to work with anyone else, you still-“

“Don’t force me to remind you who the boss is here.” The white Unicorn’s voice got a sterner tone for the first time in months and her head automatically lifted to show her superiority. “This will be a favorable experience for the both of you, so please cooperate without complaining.” With that said, she reassured Damasked Tulip once more with sweet words Valentino didn’t bother to listen, then she exited the room solemnly.

The azure stallion rolled his eyes, snorted, then put the cigarette back in his mouth before glancing at the newbie. The latter almost shivered under his gaze, tearing his eyes away and stuttering small talk. Valentino took the liberty to examine him further and was surprised to enjoy the sight he had in front.

Though a bit more slender than him, Tulip was his same height and elegance in posture. His horn was curved, just like Valentino’s, but their coats and manes were completely different: while Valentino sported a delicate aqua green that underlined his muscles in the right spots, Tulip’s fur was of a duller white, untrimmed and a bit unkempt on the chest and fetlocks. His mane and tail, bright red and tender orange, almost matched the frescoed walls, whereas his blue and dark green eyes reminded the older Unicorn of a forest after a downpour. His voice wasn’t like anything he’d heard before: young and not particularly deep, but definitely not feminine nor weak.

Valentino had to shake his head to come back to reality. “Can you do anything?” He cut off Tulip a second time. The colt looked incredibly surprised and didn’t know what to answer.

“E-Excuse me? What do you mean?”

“Why were you sent here in the first place?” Valentino sighed heavily and growled, flicking his tail in annoyance. “Besides the purpose of keeping me company, of course.”

“I’d applied for a job as designer or stylist, I’ve just finished my studies and would like to… practice the theory I learnt, let’s say.” Tulip accompanied his answer with a smile in the hope of softening Valentino’s stiff attitude.

“Ah.”, was everything the older stallion decided was worth commenting. Tulip looked mortified when Valentino turned his back on him and seemed to forget about his presence, paying more attention to his drawings than to the other stallion.

“Of course, I won’t mind starting from the basis and learning new things from you-“

“Here.” Valentino quickly lifted a blank sheet of paper in his magic and made it levitate towards Tulip, who stood there like a helpless foal. “Draw the first dress that comes to your mind. I’ll decide if you deserve me when I see what you’re capable of.”

Not much pressure, then, Tulip. The red-maned Unicorn let out a short breath before grabbing a pencil from Valentino’s desk. He immediately started tracing sinuous lines on the paper, vaguely acknowledging the older’s interested gaze.

When he was done, he barely had the time to take a look at his finished drawing before Valentino yanked it off from him. He examined it carefully for a few minutes, then threw it to the side and turned again, no longer facing the astounded stallion. “Not bad. I guess I could make a sacrifice and put up with you for some time…”

Tulip felt pride wash over him and he closed his eyes in a second of self-admiration. “I know, thank you.”

The ghost of a graceful smile appeared on Valentino’s ironic lips. “I liked your choice of floral patterns, that’s what I was thinking of going for this season.”

“I took the hint from the picture and the decorations on the walls. I guessed they’d just been repainted from the scent as soon as I came in.” Tulip’s smile grew wider as he stared at Valentino with half-closed eyes.

“Smart, who would’ve thought.” Delicately grasping two sharp pencils in his lilac magic, Valentino offered one of them to Tulip, whose magic made the faint aura around it turn to purple. “I feel like this will be the beginning of an inspired partnership, my friend…”


Yeah, I should probably stop starting storylines I know I'll likely never end, but who cares at this point
Introduction of a new character! I gave little to no clues about his parents, I'll simply say that only one of them is a canon pony from the show, and the other is a completely random character I'll probably never even design because it doesn't really matter. Also - I gave perspective a try, and don't really regret it. It could've come out worse, right? ...right?!

Bleak December

A tiny snowflake alit on the Batpony filly’s nose, wetting it ever so slightly and distracting her from the sparrow she’d been quietly following.

“Dusk? Where have you gone, dear?”

“I’m coming, mommy!” Raven shouted back to the Moon Princess before trotting in the opposite direction. Her mother could be so boring sometimes and she always worried too much, so the filly thought of taking advantage of her loneliness for a little more time.

The snow slowly stopped falling and was briefly replaced by an annoying drizzle, which lasted even shorter as well. The white snow on the ground was molten into a pathetic grey slush, but this didn’t discourage Raven from jumping into every little puddle she came across.

Her leg warmers were water-drenched, as well as the tips of her scarf. Realizing it, Raven saddened for a second, thinking how much love and care her mother had sewn in them, and she considered going back and apologizing.

However, she suddenly saw something out of the corner of her eye and felt the urge to turn and investigate. Oddly enough, standing a few meters in front of her, was a young Unicorn. He looked lost and disoriented, and his bulging ribs and visible backbone showed how he probably hadn’t eaten for whole days.

“Hi!” Raven piped up jovially, stepping towards the colt and folding her previously wide-open wings.

The Unicorn’s ears pinned down and he backed slightly, turning his head to face the friendly stranger. His coat looked like it should be white, but was actually a dirty ivory with mud stains on his legs, chest and muzzle. His mane and tail were even grimier and their shade was hard to define, but Raven guessed violet and pink.

The filly lowered her head at his display of uneasiness. “Oh, don’t be scared, please. Everyone always is…”

“Why should I be scared?” the colt finally stammered with an uncertain voice. His light blue eyes barely moved, but Raven noticed that he wasn’t really looking at her.

“Other foals usually don’t like Bat Ponies, so they never want to play with me.” The filly looked down for a second, then lifted her head to study her new acquaintance’s expression.

“Are you really a Bat Pony?” the Unicorn suddenly lit up and made a step forward, swinging his tail a little and smiling brightly.

Raven gave him a dumbfounded stare. “Well, duh? Aren’t my wings obvious?”

“May… May I touch them?” the colt asked shyly, raising a hoof and getting a bit closer. His heart thumped wildly in his little chest at the perspective of getting to know a real Bat Pony for the very first time in his life: he’d always wanted to discover more about such fascinating creatures he’d only heard in stories.

Raven Dusk tightened the wings on her sides. Suddenly nervous, she looked around for an eventual way to escape. She then remembered they were alone in the short alley and started thinking about how far her mother could be from there. She didn’t like it when strangers got too close, mostly because she wasn’t used to it and preferred keeping a certain distance.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked, it was rude of me.” the embarrassed apology came as a surprise to the smaller pony, who glanced at the Unicorn in surprise. “Can you forgive me?” He offered his cracked hoof in excuse for his behavior and waited for the filly to accept it.

“Don’t worry.” Raven smiled, a bit more relaxed, and took the violet hoof in her own before instinctively flapping her wings lightly. At the faint sound, the Unicorn’s ears perked up in curiosity, but he decided not to say anything. “Aren’t you cold?” Raven asked out of the blue, noticing how the colt’s whitish body was trembling every few seconds.

“I’m trying to get used to it.” he shrugged casually, failing at the attempt of hiding his discomfort.

“Here,” Raven took the scarf around her neck in her mouth and let it fall in her hoof. “Take this, it’ll keep you a bit warmer.” She threw it lightly directly to the Unicorn, who however didn’t even try to catch it. Raven looked dumbfounded for a moment. “Aren’t you gonna… wear it?”

The white foal seemed to panic and reached for the scarf, but his hoof couldn’t find anything until Raven picked the scarf up and handed it to him.

“You’re weird.” The bat filly stated calmly, but upon noticing the saddened expression on the colt’s face she quickly added, “That’s a good thing, remember.” She laughed quietly for a second, realizing that they had at least that in common. “My name is Raven Dusk, by the way. Who are you?”

The Unicorn looked lost once again, lowered his head and stammered something Raven couldn’t hear. Even after her clearly confused stare, he didn’t say anything.

“Come again?” she finally asked, gesturing with her hoof.

“My mother always said I was named after my father, so she called me Heavenly Aster… B-But I’m not sure that’s the truth. I mean-“

“Aster’s a beautiful name!” Raven flapped her wings happily, then trotted to stand next to him. “I’m going to call you Hev.”

Aster smiled sweetly at the compliment, but his ears perked up suddenly just a moment later. “I think someone’s calling you.” He stated pointing his muzzle in the direction behind Raven’s back.

The filly glanced at him skeptically, sure that she would’ve heard it as well with her higher skills, but was left surprised when her mother stepped next to her without causing the faintest of noises.

“Either we live in different timezones, Dusk, or you didn’t respect the curfew I’d given you.” Princess Luna sighed tiredly, not really wanting to argue with her daughter but angry enough to mentally prepare a scolding for later.

Raven laughed nervously, taking a step back and looking back and forth between Aster and the cobblestone floor. “Yeah, about that, mom…”

“No excuses, young lady. We’re heading home now…” The Alicorn eyed the white Unicorn in front of them and smiled to apologize. “…but not before you introduce this new friend of yours to me.”

Aster’s ears pinned even lower, pressing on his nape and showing his discomfort together with his tail hidden between his legs. Raven noticed, and was quick to stand by him. “His name’s Heavenly Aster, and he’s a really nice colt. He was freezing out here all alone, so I thought I could-“

“You’ve never been so loquacious, my dear.” Luna chuckled affectionately, draping a wing over her adoptive daughter and pulling her closer. “We really have to go now, but it was a pleasure to meet you, Heavenly Aster.” Smiling again, the dark mare let out a tiny sparkle from her horn and sent it to the colt’s own.

Received the little ball of light, Aster matched Luna’s smile and raised his head, mouthing a silent thank you. “Thank you for keeping me company, Raven. I hope we’ll meet again soon.”

“Don’t you wanna join our teatime?” The bat filly asked brightly, jumping a little to underline her hopes and stopping her mother from walking away.

“I’d love to know you better, Aster, but I’m sure you’ll have to ask your parents first.” Luna lowered her head to reach the colt’s level, knowing he’d understand her change of position through her voice.

“I can assure you they won’t mind it... I’ll gladly join you, if you want me to.” Aster replied sheepishly, not certain if the older pony would be buying it, and knowing how terrible he was at lying.

Luna’s expression betrayed her perplexity for a second, but she quickly recomposed and put all the pieces together. Her sweet smile echoed in her words as she nuzzled Aster softly and guided him in her direction. “Then I hope you’re hungry for cookies and cake, my young colt.”


Some more storytime! Here's Raven and Hev's first meeting, one cold December afternoon and not really under momma Luna's watch. I wrote a little bit more than usual and the ending is so random that it's painful, but whatever, backgrounds are tiring and I'm putting all the effort there. I hope you like it ^^

While I finish writing another part of the story (which, I know, is taking wayy longer than it should) and designing new characters... here, have some old (literally) AppleDash <3
This drawing dates back to like 2 years ago, if not more, and it had been lying on my desk for so long because I'd originally wanted to add a background to it (which I never managed to draw as you can guess). I came across it just today and wanted to practice some pencil shading, and ta-da! Fail. We've proven that I suck at pencil shading, so don't expect more things like this one. Though it was fun, I'm not too pleased with the result and need to improve a lot. Anyway, I just thought of posting this so you wouldn't think I'd completely died - also, happy belated Easter!


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